Childrens Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

We know how special and important your little ones birthday is, so we will do everything we can to provide a memorable and fun birthday event for your child. We want to make it easy and stress free for you. You bring the guests, birthday child, cake and any special decorations you want and leave everything else to us.

Kids Birthday Party PlatesOur Private Party Room can accommodate up to 25 children. Larger parties may rent the front of the studio which can accommodate up to 45 guests. A Splatter's Artist will guide the children through their art activity, help with the art setup and cleanup and make sure fun is had by all. During your 1 1/2 hour party, children and guests must remain with the party in your party room. It's important for you and your guests to arrive on time, as it delays the flow of art activity when we stop to setup for late comers. We don't want to cut into the cake and gift time which is the most important part!

Splatters has party invitations and thank you cards for your planning. Simply print these cards and customize them for your next party!

Booking a Party

To reserve your party date and time, you can drop by the studio or call us at 678-710-0103. A $50 deposit is due at the time of booking. Your date cannot be secured until a deposit is collected. The deposit will be deducted from your party total on the day of your event. Please fill out a Party Agreement and bring it with you the day of the party.

Splatter's Party Packages

All parties last 90 minutes. There is 1 hour of art followed followed by 30 minutes of cake, gifts and fun. Your party time includes 90 minutes plus 15 minutes before for setup and 15 minutes after for cleanup. If you need longer than 15 minutes before or after your party, you may extend your time in 30 minute increments for an additional fee.

Mosaic Party

A little girl's dream with gems and lots of them! We paint the first letter of each child's name. Then we fill the table with gems that sparkle and shine in every color of the rainbow! Once the initials are decorated, we finish off the masterpieces with our glitter bar, where we sprinkle some extra shine and sparkle. These are beautiful, and your guests will take the mosaic pieces home with them the day of the party. This party is so much fun!

  • $200 for 1-8 guests. Each Additional guest $25.00.
  • Please confirm letters of guests 3 working days prior to the party.

Little Tykes Pottery Party

This is the party for 3 and 4 year olds. They will paint small figurines such as frogs, race cars, trucks, animals, fairies, small tile for hand prints and more. Our little tykes selection is every changing with the seasons. If they can hold a paintbrush, they can paint and will love it!

  • $150 for 1-8 guests. Each additional guest $15.00.

Princess Pottery Party

This fabulous event is for the girliest of girls. Each girlie girl will paint a princess with our princess color pallet. We will have princess crowns for the attendants, and guests can dress in their pretty princess attire. (we have aprons & our paints don’t stain!)

  • $224.00 for 1-8 guests. Each additional guest $25.00.

Emerging Artist Pottery Party

This party is for the 5+ artists who are coloring, painting, cutting and gluing in school on a regular basis. The pottery choices are larger and allow more freedom, creativity and space to paint. The selections for this party include larger figurines, small bowls, mugs, tiles and add-ons.

  • $160.00 for 1-8 guests. Each additional guest $20.00.

Artsy Artist Pottery Party

This party is for the I Love Art crowd! The options for this party include our largest tile to decorate or make it a dry erase board! Mugs, banks, plates and large figurines too.

  • $200.00 for 1-8 guests. Each additional guest $25.00.

All About You Pottery Painting

It's all about you! These large pieces of pottery satisfy the large and in charge kids. This ultimate pottery party includes dinner plates, specialty mugs, our largest banks (to hold lots of money), large bowls and our specialty figurines. This is for the artist that's all about painting and creativity. They will have an impressive collection to choose from.

  • $240 for 1-8 guests. Each additional guest $30.00.

Tiny Canvas

Our littlest painters will love their finished painting! We designed this canvas painting party for our 3 and 4 year olds. The 9x12 canvas has a pre-drawn image for the painters to follow. A Splatters's artist will guide them through a simple painting with bright colors and easy instruction.

  • 9x12 Canvas - $160 for 1-8 guests. Each additional guest $20.00.

Paint Me a Canvas

If you're in school (preschool, elementary or middle school), let's paint a canvas! You can choose from our designs or select one of your own. We will guide you through a painting experience, so be prepared to have fun and be amazed at what you will create. You will have to make a spot on your wall, because you will be proud of what you take home!

  • 16x20 Canvas - $250 for 8 painters. Each additional guest $30.00.
  • 12x15 Canvas - $200 for 8 painters. Each additional guest $25.00.

Party Terms & Conditions

Birthday parties include a private party room rental for 1 1/2 hours. You are allotted 15 minutes before your party time to setup and 15 minutes afterwards to clean up. If you need more than the allotted time before or after the party, you may reserve the room for an additional fee. Extra rental time is available for $25 for 30 minutes. Additional rental rates apply past the 1 1/2 allotted party room rental time and will be calculated on your bill total. Timing of your event is critical, as the party after yours needs 15 minutes to setup after your 15 minutes to clean and pack up your party.

All party guests must remain in the party room for the event. Children and guests should not wander the store or take seating for the general public. Parents who wish to stay may paint with siblings in the front of the studio or wait in the back space permitting. All belongings, food, gifts and clothing must be stored in the party room area. Decorations hung on the walls must be removed after the party and trash placed in appropriate trash bins.

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