Let us help you find creative ways to raise funds for your school or organization. We have lots of fundraising ideas, but here's just a few examples of some projects that will help you achieve your fundraising goal in a creative, artistic, and fun way.

Contact us with your creative fundraising idea and we'll work with you to make it happen!

Auction Projects

Use pottery platters, popcorn bowls, cookie jars, planters or vases as your canvas for handprints, fingerprints or footprints. A classroom full of student fingerprints on a platter made into tiny lady bugs is a precious piece for any auction event! We have many, many ideas for body part works of art!

Tile Wall Projects

This is a creative and colorful way to raise funds for your organization. You purchase tiles from Splatters (which includes paints and firing) and then resell to your supporters for a profit to fund your project. The tiles are then painted and you install finished tiles at your site. It is a permanent memory to last a lifetime indoors or out on a wall, sidewalk, column or benches or tables.

Painting For Profit

Choose a night, weekend, or month to paint and raise money at the same time. Set up the time or time frame for your supporters to come paint at Splatters, and we will give back a percentage of the proceeds to you for your project.

Big Famous Auction!

Do you know a celebrity? Ask them to come paint a piece of pottery to be auctioned off at your event. See the excitement and funds increase right before your eyes! There are lots of celebrities in Atlanta! How much would a Chipper Jones plate go for? Or a Justin Bieber!

Gift Card Sales

Pre-purchase gift cards at a discount and resell at full price. A minimum of 50 cards is required for this program. Please call for details.

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